Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Turning Stains Into Stories

Thief - Hotel - Camera

He had always hated that camera anyway. He was glad it was gone. The Five Seasons hotel wasn't proving to be any help anyway. They said they couldn't do anything to cover lost valuables and their security footage was useless, at best.

So maybe he should just move on then? When he had gone to sleep, the Nikon had been sitting on the counter next to the TV as he went to sleep. When he woke up, it was gone. But the door wasn't broken into and hadn't been opened. He was sure of it.

That meant - it had to be the window. The thief must have entered through the window and taken only the camera. That's what didn't make sense. Who only takes a camera? Was the thief a photographer? Did he happen to know how un-valuable that camera that was? He had had it for 10 years and everytime he tried to use the flash, it would take at least 3 or 4 times before it would go off. This was very hard to explain to people he was trying to candidly take pictures of. "Please, can you just go back and not notice me? I was trying to take a picture. I swear, it'll work this time."

Maybe the thief had seen him taking pictures of the empty alcohol bottles next to the pool. Maybe the thief had thought he was doing something else and was suspicious and wanted the film taken out of the camera. Who knows? He didn't think he had been taking any pictures of any consequence, merely having "fun" with this instrument he had grown to loathe.

The short, squat hotel with it's two stories had made it easy for the thief to get in. It was just an easy hop from the gate that surrounded the premises to his balcony. Ironic that the thing trying to keep people out just made it easier to get in. And who would have guessed that the security cameras had been pointing towards the alley way, conveniently facing the external wall of a Chili's. Lots of wrong doers on that wall.

At least now he had an excuse to get a new camera. He was too cheap to ever replace something that wasn't broken or stolen and the camera had been walking the former line for quite a while. Good to know it had jumped off. He wanted to see where it would land...but oh well. Digital's are pretty cheap now a days, right?

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